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"Academic Association of Sales Engineering"

AASE is an international organization that focuses on promoting education, research, and collaboration in the field of sales engineering. Sales engineering is an interdisciplinary field that involves the application of engineering principles and techniques to the sales process.


Sales engineers work closely with customers to identify their needs and then develop technical solutions to meet those needs. They play a critical role in the sales process, helping to bridge the gap between the technical aspects of a product or service and the customer's needs. 

AASE aims to advance the field of sales engineering by promoting education and research. The organization offers resources to help educators develop curriculum and teaching materials related to sales engineering. It also hosts workshops and conferences that bring together academics, industry professionals and alumni to share ideas and best practices. 

In addition to its focus on education and research, AASE is also committed to promoting collaboration among its members. The organization provides opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing through its conferences, workshops, and online forums. 

AASE's flagship publication is the Journal of Sales Engineering, which features research articles, case studies, and other content related to sales engineering. The journal is available to members and non-members alike and is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the field. 


Overall, AASE is a valuable resource for anyone involved in sales engineering, whether they are educators, industry professionals or alumni. The organization's focus on education, research, and collaboration helps to advance the field and promote the importance of sales engineering in today's business world. 

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